My Girlfriend Squirts 09 (disc) My Girlfriend Squirts 09 (disc)

My Girlfriend Squirts 09 (disc)

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Summer is right around the corner, but weve got the Super Soakers now! This is a true wet one folks. See it all here... p*ssies gushing like hydrants and everyones getting showered! These are not circus freaks but hot sluts that can literally put a fire out with their c*nts! It is like drilling for oil only more fun when you strike gold! See them get drilled in their mouths and p*ssies and when you hit that spot, Sploooooosh, you are soaking wet with some Grade A p*ssy juice! This is the real deal peeps, see hot sluts soaking up the set just for you! Our mop boy has never been this busy. The sky is sunny but the forecast is partly slutty with a 100% chance of squirt showers!

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