Something About Jack 04 Something About Jack 04

Something About Jack 04

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McKayla MAN! I really wish I could remember which gas station I met this blonde goddess at! Because if I could, I would apply for a permanent pump position there! But believe me, she had me in some fantastic temporary pump positions!Shawna Edwards Knowing that I was still in need of a job, my plumber buddy, Marcus, let me tag along with him as a trainee on one of his house calls. Of course, when he said that we would be snaking her pipes...Let`s just say, I never knew that there were such great benefits to being a plumber!Summer Still in search of the perfect career, I decided to try my hand as a private detective. That`s how I met Summer. Young, beautiful, and a possible heir to $$$$. I only needed to verify her identity. But how do I make sure it was really her?Lin Sue and Miko Suffering from aching muscles, (due to all this extensive job hunting) I decided that I needed a massage. Now, considering I`m still jobless, I know I shouldn`t have spent my money spoiling myself, but THESE two Asian bombshells were DEFINITELY worth more than their weight in GOLD!JACK

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